Oman Oman hits full court buzzer beater for the win!

8 Dec

The Packers were down 2 with 1.6 seconds left on the clock.  Oman grabbed the rebound off the missed free throw and threw it the length of the court as time expired to give Austin a 56-55 win.  The Packer fans rushed the court as the crowd erupted!  Northfield’s fans stood in disbelief as the team mobbed Oman!  The win moves Austin to 4-0 on the year.  Austin will have another big test on Friday when Rochester John Marshal comes to town.Click here to watch the Video on Youtube!

The Packers next game is Friday at home vs. John Marshall.

*Update Overnight the video has been spreading around the internet.

**Update #2 Oman has gone Viral.  The video of Oman’s shot is spreading like wild fire across the internet.  I have been getting requests from news outlets around the country to use the video.  The Basketball twitter page has been re tweeted and referenced thousands of times.  The video is on numerous news websites and popular sports websites!  The associated press requested permission to post the video, and now it is showing up on websites and news stations across the country.

***Update #3 I cant’ keep up with the number of websites and TV stations that have featured the clip.  Oman has officially taken over the internet.

ESPN(The video was on the front page yesterday)

Kare11 article

Austin Daily Herald article

Northfield News article

Winona Daily News article

KAAL TV shows the clip on the air.

Deadspin article about the shot.

SBnation posted an article. (Nice article and another video from a different angle)

Bleacher Report! (Over 20,000 reads, was one of the trending videos on the main page)

KIMT follow up story at practice

Fox 9 in the ciites has the video up

Youtube link with slow motion

Youtube link with over 1,000,000 views!

CNN (it was also shown on tv) a site from the United Kingdom

City Pages

CNN Daily Hit

Star Tribune

Fox Sports  (some random website from overseas, the write up is hillarious.  “Northfield had a chance to seal the win with a free throw but old mate fluffed his shot. The ball landed into the hands of top bloke Oman and he immediately launched the ball downcourt.”)

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One Response to “Oman Oman hits full court buzzer beater for the win!”

  1. ekbush1 December 8, 2015 at 11:59 pm #

    To coin a Yogism, “It’s never over til it’s over.” Congrats to Austin.

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