3-Point Club

Support Austin High School Boys’ Basketball by joining the Fast Break Club as a 3-Point Club Member. The Fast Break Club has funded a variety of needs including an extensive schedule of summer camps and leagues, as well as the fall league at Bloomington Kennedy where the boys are facing top metro-area competition. This year we’re paying for both the Varsity and JV teams to play in the Kennedy league. Club support is crucial for these off-season activities that help the team reach its full potential, as well as for in-season needs not covered by the school district.

Members of the 3-Point Club have contributed financially to support Austin Packer boys basketball. The Top of the Key group has contributed $100 or more this season; the Baseline group has contributed up to $99.

To join the 3-Point Club, send your check to: Fast Break Club P.O Box 461

Top of the Key members receive a special highlights DVD.

If you have any questions regarding the Fast Break Club membership, contact Mark Oberbroeckling (President) at 507-440-1002.


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  1. Kelly April 18, 2007 at 8:31 pm #

    Can you please let me know what you are doing to help the fadness family? I’d liket o help. thanks!

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