Packers Rock the Rockets

13 Dec

The Packers played their best game of the year at home on Friday night, beating what was undefeated, ranked, Rochester John Marshall team 68 to 57.  The Packers moved the ball well and used their pressure defense to force JM into 23 turnovers in the game.  The gym was full and the Austin fans were loud and cheered the Packers on to a very exciting victory.

To quote Rocky Hulne in today’s Herald “The Packers may be sitting at .500, but their three losses are by a combined six points and their three wins are by a combined 40 points.”

Austin scoring: Gach Gach, 21; Zach Coffey, 15; Both Gach, 11; Levi Vierkandt, 7; Nik Gasner, 7; Noah Brehmer, 4; Oman Oman, 3; free throws: 68 percent (15-for-22)

Read more at the Austin Daily Herald.  Also, see the Rochester Post Bulletin.  TV Highlights at KTTC and KAALTV

The Packers will travel to Red Wing on Tuesday night, taking on another undefeated Big 9 team.

Here are the video highlights!


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