Duoth’s turn to win one at the Buzzer!

30 Dec

The Pack won in dramatic fashion December 29th at Winona State University.  Minneapolis Washburn featured 7’1 Charlie Irmiger who will be attending Winona State next year to play basketball.

It was a fast paced game which featured numerous lead changes.  Austin held a lead point lead after a Both Gach layup and free throw.  Irmiger came back and had a three point play of his own.  Austin was able to run the clock down and call a timeout to setup a final play.  When the play broke down the ball ended up in Duoth’s hands in the corner.  He took one dribble and faded away to create space.  He was able to get a high arching shot up over a Washburn defender and it drew nothing but net.  The Packers moved to 7-2 with the win.  The Packers play at Winona State again Thursday December 31st at 2:45 vs. Caledonia.


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