Packers drop tough opener

6 Dec

The Austin Packers opened their 2010-11 season Saturday with a tough 75-64 home loss to Cedar Falls, Iowa. Cedar Falls made the state tournament last year, and have another strong team.

It was a game of runs: The Packers got off to an early 6-2 lead, but then the Tigers rallied to go ahead, before the Packers went on a tear to tie the game at 29. Unfortunately, the Tigers scored the remaining 14 points of the half to go into the locker room with a 43-29 advantage.

In the second half, the Tigers stretched the lead to as much as 19. The Packers put on a furious rally to cut the lead to 69-62 with 1:05 remaining, but fell short of making the comeback.

Here are some video highlights:

Here’s the Austin Post-Bulletin write-up, along with the Austin Daily Herald story.

A few notes on this video, and what you’ll be seeing throughout the year.

  1. You might wonder how the Packers ever lose. For the most part, I won’t be showing scores by the other team. This isn’t a balanced news site; it’s a booster site. An exception may be if an opposing player hits a game-winning buzzer beater. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.
  2. I generally won’t be showing free throws, because there isn’t much action involved. Saturday the Packers were something like 19 for 22 from the charity stripe, which is obviously excellent. The main exceptions to the “no free throws” rule are that I will include those of the “and 1” variety, in which an Austin boy is completing a three-point play after being fouled, and will show free throws made at the end of a close game.
  3. For the the most part, I won’t be showing missed shots by the Packers; the exception is when a missed shot leads to a Packer rebound and score, so showing the missed shot provides context for the rest of the play.
  4. I will typically show a few key defensive plays from each game, but generally won’t show defensive rebounds. I also won’t show Packer turnovers.
  5. I will miss some scoring plays. I’m a dad and my first role is watching the game. Sometimes I get engrossed in the action and forget to follow it with the camera. Any field goal scores that don’t make the highlights are just because I missed them.

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