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Crowd-Sourcing the Alley Oop

18 Mar

Tom Aase’s game-winning Alley-Oop dunk as time expired was a prime example of the teamwork needed for success in basketball. It was made possible by everyone on the floor playing their part:

  • Tom Aase inbounding to Goliath Oboyo who passed to Nate Schwab
  • Schwab passing to Tom in the corner and taking the return pass and rotating the ball back to Zach Wessels,
  • Joe Aase flashing toward the high post as a decoy, and
  • Tom Aase cutting past the back screen from Oboyo and taking the perfect pass from Wessels to win it.

All of this was expertly choreographed by Packer Head Coach Kris Fadness, and now his son Zach – a co-captain on last-year’s team – has put together a synchronized video of that play from various sources that lets you see the play from every angle. You’ll definitely want to go Full Screen for this one:

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