Updating Packer History

13 Mar

Thanks to Austin alumnus Chris Harder and his collection of State Tournament programs dating back about half a century, we’ve updated our Packer History page with some interesting information, including the fact that Austin has won more Big 9 titles than any other school.

We’re missing data from 2001-2005, so if you can help fill in the gaps, we would appreciate your help. Check it out!

Meanwhile, lest anyone feel anything other than relief at the Packers’ dodging a bullet on Saturday night against Winona, it’s helpful to remember that the last three Packer state tournament teams had at least one close call on the way to the tournament:

The point? Winning streaks are nice, but they don’t matter right now. Neither does the last game. All that counts is the next one.

Almost every good team that ends up making a tournament run needs to win a close game along the way to stay alive.

The Packers did just that on Saturday.

On Friday night they can claim a return trip to Williams Arena. Plan to go to the game and invite your friends!


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