Joe Aase & Tom Aase are KAAL Preps of the Week

9 Feb

KAAL TV named Joe Aase and Tom Aase its “Preps of the Week” last night for their performance in last Friday’s 78-47 win over Rochester Mayo. Here’s an excerpt of the transcript:

“There’s a definite chemistry between them where they know each other so well and they just feed off each other,” said head coach Kris Fadness.

Both of the Aase cousins are making a big difference in Austin’s line-up.

At six-eight, Joe is the tallest guy in a Packers jersey and the team’s leading scorer.

“Joe’s a shooter. He can flat out score the ball, whether it’s inside or outside,” said Fadness.

“He’s probably one of the best shooters in the conference, if not the state,” said Tom.

Tom is a little shorter than his cousin Joe, but don’t let that fool you! He’s a defensive machine.

“Tom’s our leading rebounder. He’s probably our best overall defensive player. He leads us in blocked shots, he’s very athletic,” said Fadness.

“He’s a really good shot blocker, definitely really good rebounder with his long arms,” said Joe.

Watch the story on the KAAL Web site.

The Packers return to action tonight at home against Mankato West.


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