From the Prez

24 Jan

We are now at the halfway point of the basketball season and the Fast Break Club has continued to stay busy and support the team.  Recently a meeting was held of the Executive Committee and the Committee Chairs to discuss a variety of activities that the Club is involved with.  This newsletter will provide you with a quick update of the many items that are a part of the Club’s activities.

Treasurer’s Report.  As of January 16th, the Fast Break Club’s account balance was just over $5,400.00.  Various budgeted items yet to be expended leave approximately $2,500.00 for future support of the team.  Additional expenses that remain to be completed include, but are not limited to, banquet and awards, long-term project fund, coaching salaries, with future needs including but not limited to shorts for the 9th grade players, summer tournament fees, video and computer equipment, etc.

3-Point Club.  Solicitation letters were mailed in mid December.  As each of you review this memo, if you haven’t yet made a contribution to the 3-Point Club, please consider doing so.  Checks can be made payable to AYB Fast Break Club.  Your contribution can be mailed to AYB Fast Break Club, 4318 20th Avenue NW, Austin, MN 55912.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed thus far.  The 3-Point Club plans a follow up calling effort to contact individuals who received the previous letter this coming Sunday evening, January 28th.  Mark Coffey and Tim Fritz head up the 3-Point Club effort.  Contact either of them with any questions that you might have.

Game Day Activities.  Signe Rizzi and Jane Justice have been very busy during game day activities raising money for the basketball team.  The raffle is currently underway.  Tickets are available prior to home games.  In addition, the Fast Break Club is selling Younkers Community Day coupons.  The coupon book costs $5.00 and contains a $10.00 coupon, along with eight 20% off coupons.  See Joan Maxfield or Kelly Collier to purchase a coupon book.

The committee continues its game day activities, including the 50-50 draw and the half-time hoop shoot.  These 2 activities have been tremendously successful this year.  In addition, the student gift card drawing is another popular activity conducted by this committee.  Thanks to all of you who have helped with the projects.

Senior Night.  The Senior Night Committee is busy preparing for senior night activities for the home game on February 16th.  A new wrinkle will be added to senior night this year when all basketball players in grades 9 to 12 will be invited to the cafeteria following the game for pizza and refreshments.  This activity will be for players and coaches and is sponsored by the Fast Break Club.  Other activities to recognize the team’s seniors are currently being planned.

Playoff  Dinner.  The Fast Break Club will host a spaghetti dinner  on Tuesday, March 6th for all of the varsity players, their families, and the coaching staff and their families the night before the team’s first playoff game.  More details of this event will be forthcoming.

Banquet.  The Banquet Committee (Bob & Kelly Collier) has scheduled the season ending banquet for Sunday, March 25th.  Many of the details have yet to be worked out as to the nature of the banquet, but you might mark your calendar accordingly if you plan to attend.  The season ending banquet will be for all players, 9-12 and their families.

Again, a big thank you to all of you who have contributed in one form or another to the success that the Fast Break Club has achieved in its first few months of existence.

Hopefully the Packers can continue to dominate at home and pick up a few road wins as the season enters its second half.  Go Packers!

Steve Rizzi, President

Fast Break Club


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